Posted by: vanhoff | February 12, 2008

Immigration: Drug Trade and illegal immigrants

Immigration is a topic of heated debate festering into the 2008 presidential campaign. To cite every issue both politically and ethically, one would need days. No, not days, weeks to gather and sort data on the issue. What I want to do is expand on each issue daily, or for several days depending on comments. The issues will be open for discussion. Hence, feel free to jump in with opinions or excerpts from various news and topic discussions.

I would like to expand the first issue of immigration, the drug trafficking trade. I am not going to preach and slam the Book in your face if you have done drugs. Drugs has been apart of our culture for many years. Especially with the hippie movement in the 1970’s, to the present dope craze of rap music. Many ask, “Where do these drugs come from and how?” The answer is simple; Mexico. Mexico has created a multi-billion dollar industry for meth. Meth; the drug of the new era, has torn apart families, created headaches for police, and ripped the sole its very user. I am not saying one could travel into a rural area of Tennessee and find a meth lab operating. But the lab will be small, and not sufficient to keep the ever growing demand of the drug.

 To say every illegal immigrant carries pounds of drugs is ignorant. However, to begin a life in a new world, some carry large enough amounts to sell once they reached a destination. This will be used to until they can find work or a home. I would enjoy your comments on this particular topic. Immigration is a tough for both the citizens of the US and our political bodies.




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