Posted by: vanhoff | February 12, 2008

Politicks! Really…?


 A ticking time bomb for our upcoming presidential debates. To conceptualize how Obama, Clinton, or Paul for that matter will handle the topic is of much debate. How will they answer questions both for the left and right wing voters?

 It will be interesting to see how it will play out; however, these candidates seem far from capable of answering the issue of immigration with any validity! Some may ask; “Why?” Simple answer to that is they have not seen, nor dealt with the issue as a part of the solution, rather commentaries from their advisory writers on how to approach the topic.

 One should find plenty of information on-line; however the information presented is little to none. I would invite all to watch a non-partisanship film based on these very issues. The film entitled; “Crossing Arizona” ( should serve as a starting point.





  1. “Crossing Arizona” was a featured film here at the University of Middle Tennessee State. Few came to the event; however as I prepare myself and pull up a chair to watch the debates, the politcal bowls on CNN at, or the eventful conversations from family members the topic of immigration has made its impact on me!
    Hope to hear some good responses…

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