Posted by: vanhoff | February 14, 2008

You know what Really Grinds my Gears Tom….

You know what really grinds my gears is how ESPN and CNN made a mockery of a baseball legend today on live feed!

If that effort of the politicians could somehow be combined (i.e. Batman+Spiderwoman), I believe a great political team could pursue such issues such as the economy, drug problems, etc. I could not bear to watch much of the hearing; simply it repulsed me in every way. As a Boston Red Sox Fan; and a Yankee hater, I felt sympathy for Clemens.

Senators could not get enough of the limelight it seemed. They gouged every issue of Andy P. down his throat. I do not understand that these implications call for such national media attention.

Once stigmatized, Clemens demise (whether he was guilty or not), ia  for sure outcome for the 7 time CY Young Award winner. The awards will forever be tainted with such accusations. MLB needs to focus on this issue, but leave the issue in the Clubhouse! I believe the Senate should forever be banned from such useless interrogation!

We have soldiers crying for help in Iraq! And that folks is what Grinds My Gears…


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