Posted by: vanhoff | February 15, 2008

NIU: Who’s next? Me…My friend…? Dying for Education

     Note: Explicit Language

As a college student at the University of Middle Tennessee State, my fear is growing as more of the copy cat shootings occur throughout our nation’s campuses. I can honestly  say that I look at that door and wonder. Wonder if our campus will be the next headline for NY Times. I stare at that door and wonder; wonder if I can stand up to the individual and run crazy at him or her.

Since VT,  classes are now held as prison rooms. Locked doors, professors with cell phones ready, and text alerts! I want us, the students, to be able to stand up to these motherfuckers…!

I am asking you the reader to think what can our nation do to save education. Our public schools are tough already and take stand with metal detecors and video cameras positioned at key locations. Most large universities provide students and city officials with their own police department; but I can honestly say that a stand in monkey could perform the patrol.

Lock downs, drugs, pranks…Reminds me of a Prison Squad! College- the new ghetto!


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