Posted by: vanhoff | February 19, 2008

Off The Beaten Path -BAMA vs. Clinton Universtiy

     Wow! Two days and I have strayed from politics. Could it be that we as America have been bombarded over the last month with the Clinton-Obama struggle?
I started my blog with immigration in mind; however, as I stir my thoughts to conjure up another good post…I stray. I have to say that my generation searches for immediate gratification wherever we can find it; hence my affair with discombobulated lead stories.
Whatever my excuse is, there is no excuse for CNN to compare the Clinton-Obama campaign with that of our beloved past-time; football.
     “The CNN Political Bowl 2008 starring Bill Clinton as your leading candidate.” Wait did I just say that? Yes; I think I did…hmmm
     Why is it that Bill Clinton has taken the limelight? Where is Hilliary? Has Hilliary all but succumbed to the partisanship of the 90’s?
Not a good move for her campaign. I state that because during the “Bill” years of antics, the split on Capital Hill could not be more even! Obama has made a great stride by breaking barriers to capture both the far left and conservative left wingers.
If Hilliary stands a chance, she needs to break ties with her husband and stand proud as an independent. Bill Clinton heckling with the crowd…
Not a good move…


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