Posted by: vanhoff | February 21, 2008

Back on Track- The Better Halves Campaign

     Will Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton have impact on the Texas caucus?

The two have sparked several outcry’s from Rush Limbaugh to conservative liberals. After Michelle Obama was quoted as saying, “I’m hungry for change in America,” to Bill Clinton heckling with protesters at campaign stops, one would think that both would need to take a back seat in the campaigning.

Many democrats feel that Bill Clinton was too conservative during his presidency, and that many democrats seek a more liberal candidate. Obama has shown his conservative sideat the Kodak Theatre debate, but nonetheless he seeks common ground with the democrats overall.

As for Michelle Obama, and her recent controversial statement that angered conservative liberals, she needs to step down from the Barack camp until the Texas caucus is over. Sure, Michelle carries an impressive resume from that of a Harvard graduate to a political guide for husband Barack, but overall she can not muster her thoughts cohesively.

The democratic debate of 2008, the most anticipated and highly watched smorgasbord, is scrutinized at every level. Every word, gesture, or sneeze could mean a bad day for each camp. The candidates could not have more on their plate, however to gain votes they need not focus on their better halves rather their own.


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