Posted by: vanhoff | February 26, 2008

Starbucks To Close For Training- Off The Beaten Path

As a Starbucks junkie, and in need of a 12-Step program, all stores will close its 7,100 chain stores throughout the US today starting at 5:30pm. Starbucks is trying to create a momentum swing with its employees in hopes of creating better customer service and the quality of there drinks. The training will start today at 5:30pm for all time zones, and will resume business at 8:30pm.
So where to go to get your afternoon fix; hop on over to Dunkin’ Donuts for a .99 cent promotion. Or try Seattle’s Best found at Borders Books and Music, or better yet forged over to a local coffee house and spark a conversation with the locals who despise corporate mongers. Why not? A good political debate, or a conversation pertaining market consumerism might just make your day. Who knows who you might meet some interesting characters?
Remember its only for three hours, so don’t panic! Relax and wait banging at the door at 8:30pm to get that fix!


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