Posted by: vanhoff | February 29, 2008

Obama: “Where do I park at Harvard?”

     Barack Obama, a Harvard graduate and presidential candidate, has an issue with parking; parking properly on Harvard campuses. Ensuing a debt of $375 in parking fees between 1988 to 1990, including late fees applied to the account, were finally paid off before his bid as presidential hopeful.

     As a student of a university, I can sympathize with the problems that one may face as they rush to class only to find a parking spot two miles off campus. However, my advice to Obama and others ensuing a degree is to make sure an avoid grumpy, old men writing tickets who hawk students late to class.

     The story is past news, and the future of our country would look bright if we have Obama in the Oval Office. However, don’t be surprised if the Clinton campaign will use this as a last resort to save face. I am surprised that it has not come up more often within her campaigning. At least, for now, the battle to the Office is “above the belt.” My advice to Obama, “Avoid Harvard…”


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