Posted by: vanhoff | March 10, 2008

The Vanhoff Unpolitical- Romanctic !!! L@@K

     As I turn my attention away from politics, love has all but conquered my emotional health in unimaginable ways. For I spent one, long week of spring break pondering thoughts of what true love means. I believe everyone can remember that first kiss, or that first butterfly squirming across your midsection, only to grow larger everyday as you fell for that one special person. However; lust and desire, two strong words that connote deep meaning, have plagued and wreaked havoc on my psyche for the last four months.

     Over break, I pondered as to what and why my feelings for a certain someone had gone astray. I let lust, one of the seven deadly acts, wreak havoc on my emotion state. I could not clearly understand who I was. I could not grasp my happiness; for it had been wrapped neatly in a bubble, a ballon of “lust.” It controlled my work, my classes, including my health. One can not ever be sure what true love means, but to understand your need not desire, I believe true love will be found.

     However, I ask an open-ended question… “What is lust, and how can one know the difference?”

     As I write, I am content. Happy, yet sad over events that led me to this discussion. For anyone who reading this, I hope that your loved one or a past love understands who you were, and why you loved them. Love can be fickle, but your life is short. Too short to contemplate such tedious thoughts, yet uncontrollable. I sit and listen to my favorite band, Sound Tribe Sector 9, and let the music flow over my body. I take deep breaths, smiling at life. I understand now what love is, or do I?

     I crave the butterfly every night. The sweet and gentle touch of that butterfly which delivers to my soul the nectar I need to sustain life. Life is short, yet love will never die. Die I may, but my love will be passed down to the earth and sky as gentle as a snowflake tipping the tongue of a young child.


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