Posted by: vanhoff | March 11, 2008

A Political Nightmare for Hillary Clinton, “Oh Spitzer why?”

     Hillary Clinton has another setback in her campaign; the affidavit of Eliot Spitzer. Governor of New York, Spitzer is currently under investigation for allegedly meeting with a prostitute in Washington, D.C. in a hotel room that was wired. Ironically, Spitzer known in New York for rooting out crime with vested interests in organized and white collared crime has all but lost that respect. However the outcome maybe for Spitzer, Hillary is biting tooth and nail to fight these allegations that could effect her campaign to the White House.

     While Spitzer is at home asking, “Why me,?” Hillary Clinton will be asking the same  tonight. The last name Clinton, synonymous and attributed with sex-ridden scandals, have much to overcome during next couple of weeks ahead. The controversy with Bill Clinton was the lying; the bold face lie to our nation of having no affairs with Monica Lewinsky. Yet, that was in the past right? Spitzer sadly has only rekindled the Monica-Bill scandal.

     For Spitzer, a firm policy maker and strong supporter for Clinton in 2008, should all but resign, thus allowing Hillary to make head way without the medias inquiries.

     Hillary and Obama are toe-to-toe for the Democratic delegate count. While Barack did gain strength from Wyoming’s caucus, the new scandal of Spitzer will fuel his camps fire. Hillary should not avoid Spitzer’s problem, rather avoid any media contact for the next weeks till the media grasps hold of another issue of concern.


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