Posted by: vanhoff | March 12, 2008

Politicks! 2008 Live and Direct

     The year started off with a bang at Times Square, but somewhere the hype of 2008 has been lost. Lost in a sea of political madness in the democratic party to the gas crisis in the US. A barrel of oil today soared to $109 and projections are to be at $130 by May. The minimum wage currently could not sustain a living wage for those who need to drive to work everyday. Another issue, the media abuse and celebrity hype and bombardment seems to grow into a festering blister.

     Where are we to go?




  1. We complain about something without knowing its cause. Is oil going up, or is the dollar going down, as OPEC suggests? Oil has stayed constant with the price of gold. It is easy to complain about all the little problems, but it is impossible for government to address all of them. Enabling free and competitive markets, legalizing drugs, removing all income taxes on wages under $100K per year, while following the Rule of Law, along with a fractional reserve currency that is not subject to runaway inflation, would quickly fix most of the problems from which America’s poor suffer today. The government would, however, have to be willing to sacrifice the pet projects that help politicians acquire votes, including entitlement programs, departmental regulation, and foreign interventionism. Only through sound money and free market competition will these prices come back down.

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