Posted by: vanhoff | March 17, 2008

Off The Beaten Path: Virsus hits Middle TN

     Sadly, last week I was stricken with the flu. I must say that since the beginning of the semester at Middle Tennessee State, I have been able to avoid the flu. Oh, how I thought I was invincible. Thus, the strong must fall too and when they fall they hit hard.

     A startling statistic recently came across my desk. It stated that this is one of the worst flu seasons of Middle Tennessee’s history. Having only lived within the area for two years, I was interested in seeing how bad the flu has affected the area.

     A recent article by “The Murfreesboro Post,” ( stated, “More than 20 county school systems across the state of Tenneessee have had to close their doors due to high infection rates.” This does include Middle Tennessee, and the greater Nashville area.

     So why has it hit so hard this year?

     The lower vaccine efficacy in combating the flu has caused widespread outbreaks, according to the CDC. Also, just within the campus of Middle Tennessee State University, professors to students have had a higher than normal absentee rate. The absentee count does not include the usual “Hangover” absenteeism. Hopefully, across Tennessee and around the nation the flu will pass as spring approaches.


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