Posted by: vanhoff | March 20, 2008

Back on the Political Path- Got Gas? Or how bout a bike?

  As summer approaches, and the kids scream for Disneyland, old dad might not be able to make it pass the Georgia-Florida state line. While Valdosta, Georgia is a great place to visit with its wide variety of those “oh so sweet Georgia Peaches and onions,” the kids will scream for Mickey.

 Today, crude oil prices dropped, and demand has dropped in certain areas. The USA Today stated, “The market’s reaction to the tepid demand data marked a change from its recent focus on the falling dollar… prices have jumped sharply in recent weeks as investors looked to the dollar for direction and ignored evidence of rising supplies, falling demand and a weakening economy.”

 However, many not in the oil and petroleum business, but our lives depend thus shaped by crude oil. Our businesses and livelihoods depends on gas. Sure, prices have dropped  a nickel, but can Americans still live with a gallon of gas at $3.25. Can a family of four on a living-wage afford to take Johnny and Suzie to Disneyland?

 I hope so… and I say that because as a son of a dedicated living-wage father, his goal was to provide opportunities, but as I enter into my parental phase will I be able to take Suzie?


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