Posted by: vanhoff | March 21, 2008

Obama’s a Rolling Stone!

  Strolling through the grocery store today I saw Barack Obama!

     Yes; Obama on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The cover read; Barack Obama: The Presidential Hopeful’s History, From Early Childhood to the National Stage.” Not an avid reader of Rolling Stone, but a great respect nonetheless for their editorial staff and writers.

     With Spring in full bloom the race to the White House is just in “Phase Two.” With Obama gaining solid support among the young vote, Hilary Clinton has taken a back seat for the moment.

     Phase Two of the presidential caimpaign is similar to that of a marketing campaign for a new, tangible product. In essence, if one can apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to any campaign sure success will come. Candidates need to ask questions such as, “Where do the voters sit? Are they safe with their choice? Has the voter reached self-actualization?”

    Once the answers are met, one must feel comfortable in with their choice. Obama has marketed himself well, however Clinton seems stifled in her marketing campaign strategies. Therefore, Clinton needs to assess the strategies, and make solid decisions on how to market herself to the American public.

     If I feel comfortable with a product, I make a purchase of object or service providing its intended use. However, one has suffered buyer’s remorse sometime in their lives. Therefore, vote wisely during this presidential campaign, and their service will satisfy you for the next four years.



  1. Hillary lied about Bosnia … and there’s video to prove it. Check it out here: and here:

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