Posted by: vanhoff | March 24, 2008

Sex… What does it mean to you?

Sex, an emotional topic, is saturated within the world of media. However; with over-saturation, has it affected your sex-life?
A recent survey conducted by Cornell University on high school studens found alarming results with those studied. Over half stated that pornography is how they learn about sex and sexual positions. More than 65 percent of the 500 studied, have had intercourse. What does this mean to the Western Civilization? Have we digressed?

What does sex mean to you?
Love is an undenying passion, but sex is just but one of how to show your love to your mate.
I would like to hear feedback!



  1. I visited your blog for the political stuff then decided to read some of your other posts and saw this: “However; the blog was left as an open-ended question, and to no avail not one response.” Well, since it means a lot to you I thought I should post one or two lines. Sex is an opportunity to go beyond an admiration of someone to a deep connection that brings ecstacy and a marvelous excitement to the friendship, acquaintance or relationship. Sex is a chance to go beyond the superficial to the deeper reaches of access into each other’s true feelings. It’s an opportunity to be blown and sucked into a higher realm of existence.

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