Posted by: vanhoff | March 25, 2008

Sound Tribe Sector 9 – Part 3

     As I take a deep breath, the sounds of “Baraka,” by Sound Tribe Sector 9 take over my body. The music of STS9 allows ones body to relax, and the soul to cleanse itself of negative energy. I am not selling you on the music, rather advising to the pure energy that comes from STS9.

    I will never forget my mother telling me, “Music will not be important to your life when you grow old.” Oh how I love my mother, and how very wrong she was.

    I will be working soon on Music Row in Nashville, living the dream. STS9 has allowed me to get back to my roots. I was and forever will be a musician, but I lost my way with music. STS9 leveled me out…

Please visit for further information

I promise the band will bring you peace… 


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