Posted by: vanhoff | April 7, 2008

A Campus of Fear

I have nothing to fear, but fear itself… I attend Middle Tennessee State with precautionary measures. Here’s why… 

MTSU Police Receives an Alarming E-Mail

Middle Tennessee State University police received an anonymous e-mail
Tuesday morning stating a gunman may attack a professor on campus. In the e-mail the initials, “PH,” referring to Peck Hall was the gunman’s apparent location.

MTSU spokesperson Tom Tozer said professors were alert and aware of the situation, but were told not to cancel classes. When asked if classes at Peck Hall were canceled, Tozer said, “What we have is people jumping to conclusions without facts.”

Buddy Peaster, police chief for MTSU said the e-mail received was of a generic nature and that no leads were given. Officials are sending out a text message explaining the situation. However, the message will not include an evacuation order or a lockdown order. “I think it’s important for people to be concerned and wary, but not guided by fear,” Peaster said.

An officer was stationed at Peck Hall as a precaution, and police are working to find the origin of the e-mail. “It could very well be a hoax,” Peaster said. “This is April 1.”

This is the second scare at MTSU in less than a week. Friday, the Business and Aerospace Building was evacuated due to an anonymous bomb threat.


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