Posted by: vanhoff | April 10, 2008

Six Students Arrested for Kidnapping, Beating of Teenage Girl

And the idiots video taped their crime

The Polk County (Florida) sheriff released an exceptionally disturbing video of a group of high school girls (and two boys) who lured a tiny 16-year old girl, Victoria Lindsay, into a home for the sole intent of beating her.

And why were these 6 kids beating up this one poor kid? Because they wanted to put it on YouTube to embarrass her.

The video is very difficult to watch, and makes you wish there was a way to make it stop, to be able to intercede on behalf of little Victoria.

The six thugs, Rednecks more like it who will soon be on Meth…were arrested include: Mercades Nichols (17), Brittini Hardcastle (17), April Cooper (14), Cara Murphy (16), Britney Mayes (17), Kayla Hassell (15), Zachary Ashley (17), and Stephen Schumaker (18) — all of them students at Mulberry High School.

The charges against them include false imprisonment and battery. Three of them are also charged with kidnapping. All charges are felonies!

I hope each and every one of them is punished as severely as the law allows. I hope that all of those that are 17 and older are tried and convicted as adults. I hope they spend time in prison — not jail, but prison for their criminal actions.

And I hope that they have the shit kicked out of them by a prison thug — because karma is a bitch. And every so often in life, you do get exactly what you deserve.

Apparently one of the parents of one of the thugs is blaming the victim — “But the mother of one of the girls said that Lindsay had provoked the other teens by threatening and insulting them on MySpace, a social networking Web site.”

That mother needs to have a boot up her ass, too.


The sad thing is that this isn’t even all that unusual — a quick search through YouTube reveals hundred of “fight videos”. Most of them teenagers. Many of them on school grounds. Many of them are two-or-more against one. A disturbing number of them are teenage girls.



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