Posted by: vanhoff | April 15, 2008

The Underground Economy

The Underground Economy


            As a journalist, Eric Schlosser illuminates on the underbelly of the American marketplace and its far-reaching influence on society in his work titled, “Reefer Madness.” Schlosser takes an in-depth look at America’s black market that makes up roughly 10 percent of the American economy. Within the United States, the black market has mocked our most cherished ideals of democracy, justice and human rights. With this in mind, Schlosser reveals the fascinating workings of the “shadow economy” by focusing on marijuana, one of the nation’s largest cash crops; pornography, whose greatest beneficiaries include Fortune 100 companies; and illegal migrant workers, whose work often resembles that of medieval servant. Sex, drugs, and cheap labor in America form a kind of taboo economy that we know as the black market. Schlosser writes with fervor on these three subjects deemed deviant within society, yet acceptable when the door is closed. 


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