Posted by: vanhoff | April 16, 2008

I Saw Earthlings

 I say thank you to all who came and watched Earthlings Monday at the KUC at Middle Tennessee State University. No other documentary can express the suffering of animals at the hand of human beings. As I write this piece chill bumps embrace my body, and I cry not in sadness but in joy. I can only cry for so long however. The lack of education and ignorance that plagues our society can only numb one’s soul.
The pain and suffering of beings, non-human, are strong and industrous. They are like us surviving and living out their fruitful lives.Mankind has complete disrespect toward non-human beings. We have spit and stomped on the very beings that have brought a cohesiveness to our puzzeling planet.
  A flyer was distributed on monday night, however I will not speak of its nature but those who recieved the flyer should take a look at its web-site.


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