Posted by: vanhoff | April 19, 2008

Understanding Religious Tradition and Purpose of Deviant Sexuality


Understanding Religious Tradition and Purpose of Deviant Sexuality



            The dimension of purpose, with respect to religious traditions on sexual deviance, can help solidify what sexual deviance means. Religion and its variables have had relatively consistent associations with attitudes toward non-marital and other sexual deviant behavior. An example is members of conservative religious traditions within the United States. These members tend to group, and when united as a group they are more apt to have strong and consistent beliefs about particular types of sexual behavior. The United States holds a long tradition of what is defined sexually deviant. Therefore, with efficient means of transmissions for such messages of moral, religious beliefs pertaining to sex, the question of why can be answered by such religious groups. 

            However, the dimension of purpose is to understand why one is doing an act. Purpose in the most general sense is the anticipated aim that guides action. In this context, why one is behaving sexually deviant is in question. In Monday’s lecture, the discussion pertained to adult-child sexual contact. However, contact was not necessary, but intent and purpose was of much debate. The debate of religious sects and their defining of sexual deviance bridge the answer of moral standards. However, when religion is taken out of the equation, one can look at the particulars of purpose. Purpose is but one of many dimensions to understanding sexual deviance. Therefore, centuries of religious sanctions have not allowed for the true understanding of what sexual deviance is, and of one’s purpose for such acts.


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