Posted by: vanhoff | April 21, 2008

Iron Man and Stan Lee in 1975

Some questions have been answered concerning Iron Man’s moralality during Stan Lee’s 1975 issues.


Who is Anthony Stark, and why does he change?

            Anthony Stark is a playboy within the early sixties. A business built for arming the US military and one who is proud to help the race in building arms. He changes in the second comic to a more sympathetic individual who has seen the bloodshed that his weapons have incurred. He does not understand the war and is questioning why the war even took place.


How did the writer and artist views of Vietnam change?


            The writer from the beginning underscores that communism is a government that needs to be destroyed. The artist gives life to Iron Man and we see a strong and secure man ready to defend his democracy and any who might oppose it. However, in the second comic Lee and the artist shy away from giving Iron Man a solid physique. He has emotions that overcome his duty as Iron Man, and feelings that the purpose of Vietnam was lost.


Technology and why it failed?


            Anthony had created the ultimate 50-pound mortar shell killing machine that was heat seeking and able to cause catastrophic death to the Vietnamese.  It failed him on several occasions. However, the catastrophe that he had seen from his weapon of mass destruction is what ultimately gave him a sense of being a murderer himself.


Goals of Communism and how they changed?


            Vietnam was a war to contain communism. President Kennedy felt that a nation under dictator rule would ultimately destroy that country. Though we had a pact with France for a NATO treaty if we helped the war became obscured as time went on. The TET offensive was so massive and the fighting entrenched in jungles so thick that as the end of Johnson term the only goal was to get the hell out of there.


Portraying the Vietnamese by writer and artist?


            There was a defiant comparison where broken language even within their culture was noticed in the first book. They only spoke of death of an enemy capture. They appeared almost ninja like, always enjoying a good wrestling match. However, the second book gave them life. The blind boy was given human qualities and they tried to speak the English language as best they could. The wounded in the second book seemed distraught and the reader might sympathize with the communist party.


How did Iron Man change?


            He went from Iron to Metal. The Iron curtain of the Soviet Union was a possible cause for Lee to change his uniform. However, the reader can note that throughout the war scenes we do not see Anthony Clark’s face as seen during the battle. For it is covered with only his attire of Iron Man. This is a way for Lee to show the shame that Iron Man felt for the war that had occurred. To not show face is one way Lee portrayed Iron Man, however Iron Man was less constricted by his Metal attire. He had a human quality that could be noted.


What did Iron Man promise at the end and how would he have reacted to 9/11?


            He will avenge those whose lives were lost to the ignorance that was the Vietnam War. He feels that he has caused many injustices to those civilians and war-time GI’s that fought not in Vain but orders that were given to them by blind sided politicians. My statements are solely based on how I feel Stan Lee re-created Iron Man. As for 9/11, ironically the same scenario would have occurred. For most of us, including myself, we do not see the injustice until the war has halfway begun.




  2. Iron Man was practically flawless as a super hero flick; it drops pretty obvious hints that would indicate a sequel as well… i’m thinking the next one should be equally great

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