Posted by: vanhoff | April 25, 2008

Typography is more than text




Notre Dame Cathedral


            For this piece, I used Old English Text to capture the history behind Catholicism. The color choice was a mix of yellow and dark green to capture the essence of the school’s team colors. Both religion and a rich history of sports are embedded with the name, Notre Dame.





 Indonesian Culture: Bali, Java, and Sumatra


            For this piece, I choose monotype corsiva and Matura M7 as the font to capture the essence of Indonesian typography. I used the flag to capture the rich history of Indonesia. The posture placement of the text was to align with the fonts, and to guide the reader seamlessly.



Avocado Said To Prevent Heart

The phrase, depending on the media outlet, could have a variety of schemes that would help deliver the information. My original intent was to use Arial; however, I choose Arial Black as the font. The line arrangement reads as if from a newspaper headline, but the phrasing would work well in either a magazine or pamphlet article. The use of the picture was simply to demonstrate to the reader what an avocado looks like from inside, allowing it to be seen as a tangible object.


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