Posted by: vanhoff | April 26, 2008

Nashville’s Hottest Female- Melissa Collins

What makes Nashville a great place to live besides the music, the women! Especially Melissa Collins who can rock your socks off, yet is classy and dignified with respect to her work. She recently helped me with a project, and for that I am very thankful. So, please Visit her at: or  and tell her about this blog! thanks Mel…

Melissa Collins was born in Shelbyville TN February 12th, 1976.
She grew up being in front of the camera and audiences at dance recitals,
swim team meets, pageants, and the cheerleading / dance team.
At the age of fifteen her mother first took her to Model Search America
in Atlanta, GA and she made it through three call backs. Unfortunately,
the fashion height requirement is 5′ 7″ or taller even at that age, and
she was only 5′ 3″. After this revelation, she decided to get her degree.
Melissa went to college for Mechanical Drafting in 1997.After designing Stanley Tools, and then Stratos/Javelin Bass Boats for
two years, she decided it was time to go out and pursue a career in modeling.
At the age of nineteen Melissa went out on her own to try modeling
once again. She began to travel to various places doing photo shoots and
trading time for print to build a portfolio. Melissa went to Charleston, IL
for a test shoot with Robert Holmes of Model Look Magazine.
They placed her in many different hair style magazines, salon books,
and beauty handbooks. Then after being spotted as the center calendar
photo of Model Look Magazine 1998, photographer Douglas Steiglieter
from Torrance CA asked her if she wanted to test for Playboy Magazine.

At first she said no way, being from a small town with heavy gossip
and the type of upbringing she had. Then after six months of not getting
any serious work, Doug had kept in touch with her, so she changed her
mind and was published in the Grapevine Section of May 1999.



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