Posted by: vanhoff | May 3, 2008

Broadcast News – The Movie

 An interesting look at an old movie with questions and answers that take an in-depth look at television newsrooms.

Broadcast News
A romantic, comedy that looks at three ambitious workaholics in a network TV newsroom


  1. What was the ethical situation that arose when Jane and Aaron were interviewing the ‘rebel’ putting on his boots in the jungle early in the movie?

They wanted to make sure it was a shot of him doing what he would usually did, not a contrived scene. They wanted to make sure that this was an accurate portrayal.


  1. Who do you think was the better reporter Tom or Aaron?  Why? Who was the better anchorman? Why?

 I think the better reporter was Aaron because he was passionate and was dedicated to the job while Tom did because he knew he was good at it. On the other hand, the better anchorman was probably Tom because he was very sure and confident and for a major news network, those are very important traits that should be conveyed to the audience so that they trust the news. 

  1. Does this story portray the typical reporter wanting to cover important, complex, world  issues?  Is that the reporters fault, the fault of the TV business, or the fault of the public? Why?  

         I am sure it does, reporters want to cover these kinds of stories because they are what are called “hot news”, and they gain attention of the public and tend to be very interesting. It is probably the fault of everyone involved, people want sensational news, TV networks know that’s what gets viewers and reporters want the attention.



  1. Is life ‘brutal’ or ‘fair’ for the people who work as reporters, producers, etc?  Why or Why not?

   Yes, life is brutal and not always fair but that is the job, and the people that are in that kind of business tend to enjoy it. Even Aaron, who was kind of screwed over at the  beginning enjoyed capturing the story. To be in the business I am sure you need to have a thick skin.


  1. Do media people like pressure?  Do you think they have fun?

   They would almost have to like and work well under pressure in order to survive. There is always a deadline, and in Broadcast news, specifically you can have very short ones. I think that the type of people who do this must enjoy it, and if they don’t they get out of it. This is a highly stressful job, but journalist are generally passionate and enjoy it .


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