Posted by: vanhoff | May 6, 2008

Need a star? Reach for OnStar

“GM lauds tech features in outreach push for OnStar,” discussed General Motors communications team’s attempt at reaching broader audiences with their OnStar feature in their vehicles. There plan is to unveil their potential updates at the Consumer Electronics Show. The new updates will be used to target the broader audience they hope to capture, mainly a more “tech” driven and safety conscious consumer. The potential first feature that really exemplifies that is that they are expanding their emergency location service to their subscribers’ cell phones. In addition, they are hoping to add a stolen vehicle slowdown function, which allows police to cut power to a stolen vehicle and prevent a high-speed chase. GM is hoping that the new OnStar features will help differentiate them from the other automobile manufacturers at the North American International Auto Show. The messages of the different shows they have will be customized to match current trends in the auto industry. This includes the growing trend of blogging and GM trying to forge stronger bonds with bloggers. There hope is to target parenting blogs, which deal with auto safety, and tech blogs. The real function of these shows however, will be to clear up any misunderstandings and to highlight the capabilities.


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