Posted by: vanhoff | May 7, 2008

No Fear in Mom Takes Down Thief!


A Murfreesboro woman was able to fight off a suspect who attempted to steal a diaper bag from her on May 2, according to police reports.

Crystal Green, 28, said she was loading her kids into her car outside of her Greenland Drive home when she was approached by a man in his early to mid-20s.


“At first I just said hello to him,” Green said. “He said hello back.”

However, Green said the man kept getting closer and closer to her vehicle.

“My first thought was that he was trying to steal my car with my kids in it,” Green said. “Then I saw him grab my diaper bag and I started chasing him. I didn’t know until later that the bag had my keys and debit card inside.”

Green, approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, gave chase to the man, approximately 6 feet tall, who stole her purse. She caught up with him while he was attempting to cross a fence.

“I’m not a prissy girl,” Green said. “I fought him.”

Green said she and the man fought for possession of the purse, and she pleaded and begged the man to give it back.

“I said ‘all you have is some diapers and some formula,'” Green said. “‘Give it back!'”

The man responded by punching her in the stomach, Green said. The scuffle caused the man to dump all of the contents of the diaper bag out.

Green’s boyfriend, Abiye Obunge, then got involved, she said. He was inside the home when the incident began.

Green said her young daughter ran in and told her dad what was happening.

“My boyfriend chased him all the way out to the hospital,” Green said, referring to Middle Tennessee Medical Center, just a few blocks from her home.

Murfreesboro Police spokesman Kyle Evans said police are actively investigating the case.

“People should be on the lookout for persons matching the suspect in the case,” Evans said. “If they see him they should call police. People can also call Crime Stoppers at (615) 893-STOP (7867) if they have any information about the crime and wish to remain anonymous.”

According to Murfreesboro Police reports, Obunge ran after the subject and began fighting with him. He stopped when he saw the suspect try to reach into his short pockets, as if he had a weapon.

Obunge told police he never actually saw a weapon.

Law enforcement officers usually advise private citizens to refrain from chasing after criminals if the citizens are no longer in immediate danger because of the potential for criminals to use weapons in such situations.

Green was able to recover her property and no injuries were reported as a result of the scuffle. After it was all over she called police.

Now Green and her boyfriend are planning to move Smyrna.

“Our lease is up on June 1 and we are getting out of Murfreesboro because it’s so unsafe here now,” Green said. “This use to be a little college town, but now it has big crime problems, like Nashville.”

In the meantime, she said she wants the robber to know something.

“I would like for him to get what he did to me three times over,” Green said, referring to the punch in the stomach. “If he ever comes back here, he will get it.”


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