Posted by: vanhoff | May 8, 2008

PETA calling for investigation of Eight Belles

 As a proud member of PETA and an advocate for animal rights, the death of Eight Belles at last week’s race in Kentucky has struck another nerve within my soul. Humans have a choice! The vet and owner of the horse had a choice for Eight Belles… Life or Death? They choose death, and by doing so they have choosen the role of “A Higher Power.”

 Humans bear the fruit of this great planet, but we are not alone. Non-human species struggle everyday to niche themselves in a world that has corrupted the landscape that once held much beauty. Many say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but Mother Earth is our beholder. Humans are corrupt, and taketh they do. Life, liberty, justice,… war. The war on Non-human species!

 Eight Belles choice; though beaten, whipped, and trained for winning, would have been to live a fruitful life after the recovery.

Yes, Belles would have recovered from the injuries!

So, in closing and quoted from the documentary Earthlings… “We are all created equal. Don’t tell me that I will spoil your dinner, don’t tell me while I’m eating.” Because TRUTH hurts!    or



  1. Yes is is a shame Eight Belles broke her front legs. However, stopping racing isn’t going to stop horses from breaking their legs. The “wild” (feral) horses out here in the west break legs frequently, especially when being chased or attacked by mountain lions. In 55 years of having my own well cared for horses, which are out on large pasture, I have had 2 horses break a leg. They were fine in the morning, had a broken leg that night. How, why, etc. I don’t know. I do know they were fully mature (9 & 10 ) geldings. They were riding horses, but not trained until after 4 years. Different breeds. Good bone and conformation. Excellent care. Why? Because they were horses. PETA’s a joke for people who truly love animals, especially any kind of companion animal. I assume ANYONE who belongs to PETA does not have an animal for companionship, as PETA’s true goal is to totally eliminate ALL use of animals as pets, livestock, food sources, etc. I would listen to some animal protective groups, but PETA isn’t one of them.
    PETA is an animal elimination group. Witness what they have done in taking the lives of various pets given to their care. If you don’t know about that, check it out. VW

  2. To Annie Oakley. I have owned horses for 30 years and if two of your horses have turned up with broken legs, I would advise you to start taking a good look at your horse care practices. Also I am not a member of Peta. One more thing, horse racing will never change because only the richest people in the world indulge themselves with it.

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