Posted by: vanhoff | May 9, 2008

PETA: From One Member’s View

  On behalf of PETA and other animal right’s movements, the views I am about to express may not align with all. That said, I am a proud member of PETA, and hold strong views against animal testing and the use of animals for sport.

   However, I must state that there is a large misconception that PETA is a fanatical, anarchist movement that seeks to make man and woman vegan dietitians. PETA has brought many issues to headlines across the globe that otherwise would have been swept under the rug and forever forgotten. I am an understanding individual who will listen to all sides of an issue before making a solid judgement about a particular issue, and my judgement on Eight Belles death deems unworthy and unacceptable in mediating the problem.

   The Eight Belles issue is one that I feel very saddened by, and as I stated in my last post there is no humanity in whipping, beating, cutting hooves, or euthanizing an animal that could have otherwise been rescued.

   PETA is not the monster! Individuals who accept the use of animals for testing and sport are the real monsters. PETA is an outlet for many, including myself who feel there is no where else to turn to express our emotions to such cruelty. We are all animals… We live and breathe the same air.

   For once, I would enjoy seeing a pussy-ass jockey hop on the back of another jockey…then whipped and beaten for the name of the almighty dollar.



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