Posted by: vanhoff | May 13, 2008

Technology and the Reproductive System

Technology and the Reproductive System


Making Babies, a documentary film, takes a critical look at the reproductive technology that has raised important questions surrounding the use of the costly, time-consuming, and perhaps dangerous processes of in vitro fertilization and related technologies. The video also questions ethical issues that challenge individuals confronted with their decision to use assisted reproductive technologies. Couples have turned to reproductive technology either due to physical ailments, disease, and/ or infertile reproductive problems. Other reasons include same-sex couples desiring a child or a mother seeking the perfect baby from the perfect egg. Reasons aside, the process and technology now employed for reproduction has sparked major debates questioning its validity.

People believe that the desire to reproduce is one that is guaranteed, thus leading physicians and laboratories across the globe to seek the perfect technology in the quest of best reproductive process. Couples turn to technology for a multiple of reasons. Largely, women and men seek assistance to due disease, reproductive problems, and/or past medical conditions affecting the mothers. Other conditions such as diabetes, heart problems or severe high blood pressure may prevent an otherwise fertile woman from carrying a baby to term. Therefore many seek to have a child through technology, sadly though one-third of all reproductive births are failures. Hence, people begin to express their legal and ethical opinions when compromised births occur from reproduction.

Currently, there is no specific legislation on artificial insemination. However, the ethical issue raised by many is simple, technology is not natural. Interestingly in the video, the physicians and those involved in the reproductive industry were not opposed nor moved by any ethical issue that might otherwise jeopardize their business. The vast majority of Americans including those worldwide believe that birth is natural, and that to manipulate birth using gene splicing or manipulation in any manner is compromising ones faith, their higher power, and/or natural order of the human species.


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