Posted by: vanhoff | July 3, 2008

Free Speech is America’s Lifeline

Americans grapple with information overload due impart to the invention of the Internet, thus causing one to mix truth with falsehood. Over the last twenty years, Americans gave way to a technology that some regard as the “Information Super Highway,” allowing for the endless stream of news, blogs, and opinions that shape and mold Americans and the world beyond. However, this is causing many to disseminate and control the flow of information one receives; and with the onslaught of cell phones, e-mails and instant messaging attention spans are all but fracturing. Therefore, to compensate due to the overload many have what some are calling, “My Times Syndrome.”

The New York Times started “My Times” as a program allowing users of their website to garnish news that is of less importance, and create an account suitable for one’s needs. However, by using such a program it all but reinforces existing attitudes and prejudices pertaining to political, economical and social beliefs. The saying, “If it bleeds, it leads,” has not only enraptured journalists, but also the user of such programs, thereby reinforcing this syndrome.


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