Posted by: vanhoff | February 24, 2009

A Visit with Vince Gill- True Country

Country Star Vince Gill Talks To MTSU

By Jon Van Hoff


            Monday night Vince Gill spoke to a packed crowd at the campus of MTSU for the Department of Recording Industry writer’s series. The veteran country singer-songwriter has been one of the most acclaimed, honored artists over the past two decades. He has won 17 Grammy awards, including two Best Country Song awards.

Gill became an honorary professor in the MTSU Department of Recording Industry by the chairman of the recording industry last night. He performed only one song, “The Key to Life,” during the hour and a half event. After he sang, he told the audience, “Being a great musician isn’t just knowing what to play, it’s knowing what not to play,” he said.

Gill shied away from some questions clutching to his acoustic guitar, but opened up as the night grew on.  “For songwriters and musicians, words should be the paint to a picture, he said, which makes some things more real than the way they are seen,” he said.

After he spoke, swarms of fans collapsed to the stage for a meet and greet. However, many became stifled as a young elementary girl asked Gill to play a duet. For country fans and recording enthusiasts, Gill set a lasting impression on many with his words and advice.


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